‘How to be a brilliant thinker’(I)

‘How to be a brilliant thinker’ by Paul Sloane

1a) Convergent thinking allows us to use our knowledge examine concepts and see where they fit. Our natural tendency is to reject ideas if they are not aligned with our existing knowledge and belief systems.

1b) Divergent thinking involves considering all sorts of points of view — — including the unconventional, the unfashionable, the ridiculous and the outlandish.

1c) The conventional thinker is normally stuck in convergent thinking mode, but the brilliant thinker can use both modes. There are times when we need to be analytical, calculating, critical and judgemental, but if we use this approach too often we become limited, constrained and even destructive in our thinking. We need to use divergent as well as convergent thinking.

2. Brilliant thinkers know that assumptions are there to be challenged and they relish defying them. Here are some tips:
a) Pretend you are a complete outsider and ask questions like ‘Why do we do it this way at all?’
b) What if we did the opposite of the norm?
c) What would happen if we deliberately broke this rule?

3. Brilliant thinkers never stop asking questions, because they know that this is the best way to gain deeper insights.

4. Open questions are excellent. They open up matters. Examples are:
a) What business are we really in? What is our added value?
b) How can we reduce customer complaints?
c) Why do you think this person feels that way?

Once we have mapped out the main points we can use closed questions to get specific information. Examples are:
a) When did this happen?
b) Was the person angry?
c) Did you authorize the payment?

Do not ask accusing questions. ‘What do you think happened?’ will probably get a better response than ‘Are you responsible for this disaster?’

Ensure that your body language is relaxed and amicable. Do not jab your finger or lean forward as you put your requests.

20年4月 <<信報>> 郝承林

一. 難得找到好公司, 只投一點, 然後把大部分錢投到沒有那麼好的公司, 這到底在開甚麼玩笑? 好的投資機會真的很少, 你應該把雞蛋都放在一個籃子裡, 然後全力盯緊籃子。(版主補充: 任何時候保留一點現金是必須的。)

二. 千里馬很好, 但千里馬也會有跑不動的一天。經營環境改變了, 再好的管理層也難回天。好的管理層遇上壞生意, 勝出的往往是後者。癡心錯付其實是懶做功課的藉口。



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