‘Think Like a Genius’ (II)

This week, we’ll continue with the remaining parts of ‘Think Like a Genius’ by Todd Siler

‘Resist the slides of Boredom and Indifference’: When you think like a genius, you never get used to life, and you never feel as though you’ve used up an experience. There’s always something else to discover.

‘Call it like you See it, Honestly’: Honesty has something to do with accountability and responsibility. When you’re really honest with yourself and others, you’re holding yourself accountable for the things you say and do.

‘Take you time… and your Space’: Any time you leave too much up to luck, you should be prepared to lose, because luck is a fickle and merciless thing.

‘“Simplexity”: See the Simple in the Complex’: What are some of the things you’re presently doing that will balance your future — — instead of throwing your future off balance?

Is either the past or the future so heavy on your mind that it weighs down all the activities you’re presently doing?

‘Cut the Stress lines’: These days, our rush to do everything all at once and know everything all at once has become absolutely nerve-wracking.

Make it a priority to momentarily walk away from the web, including the electronic ones, on a daily basis. Your walk can give you the time and space to see the knots and the ways to untie them. Think about what needs to get done, then you can prioritize.

‘Hunt for Satisfying Work’: What do you look for in a job? Is it the same thing you look for in a life? Have you thought about what the ‘juice’ is for you? Is your decision based on intangibles, such as the respect you will garner? Or is it driven by salary and benefits and the hours and the commute? Is it based on the excitement and sense of adventure you will gain from the work? Is it the larger effect your work will have on the world?

‘Shift your Social Solar Systems’: What is the basic element that resides at the centre of your social universe? Does your whole world revolve around work, as though your work were the Sun — — the sole provider of your heat, energy and inspiration?

Is your centre education? Family and friends? Money and power? Sex? Does the object at the centre of your universe truly belong there? If not, what does? How does the object or subject at the centre of your universe define the orbits of the other aspects of your life?

Trois personnages avec un chien by Louis Vivin
Source: https://www.mutualart.com/Artwork/Trois-personnages-avec-un-chien/A58D4077C85FA3E1
Le déjeuner sur l’herbe by Louis Vivin
Source: http://www.artnet.com/artists/louis-vivin/le-déjeuner-sur-lherbe-kSd71kMLAdUXvdyVh93YFw2



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